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The recipe for this beer was inspired by a visit to a small brewery in Germany (Brauerei Wippra). They brew an excellent Schwarzbier that even took silver one year at the GABF. For this Schwarzbier 3 different malts are used: Pilsner, Munich and a dark Crystal malt. Due to the lack of roasted malt there is no roast flavor in that beer.

Since I do like at least some roast in a Schwarzbier, I added Carafa Special for my recipe. The result was a very smooth drinking beer with a hint of roast, a deep black color with some ruby highlights.


for brewers who build their own water

with unsdissolved chalk:

Water Schwarzbier.gif


with chalk dissolved with CO2:

Water Schwarzbier dissolved chalk.gif



73% Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner

20% Weyermann Munich Type II

3% Weyermann CaraMunich Type III

4% Wyermann Carafa II special

Aim for a post boil gravity of 13.5 *P (1.054 SG)


(For a post boil volume of 21 l)

13g (11%) German Magnum for 60 min ( 70 mg/l a-acid )

20g (3.7%) German Tettnanger for 15 min (~ 1g/l hops)

IBU estimation (Tinseth): 20


Wyeast 2206 Bavarian Lager, propagated to yield about 80 - 100 ml (~2.5 - 3 oz) sediment for a 19 L (5 gal) batch.

(I used 2206, but WLP830 German Lager Yeast or WY2124 Bohemian Lager Yeast would be a better choice)


Two step infusion with decoction mash-out (Decoction_Mashing):

protein rest : 55 *C (133 *F) for 20 min

saccrification rest : 66.0 *C (151 *F) for 45 min; water/grist ratio 3.5 - 4.0 l/kg (1.75 - 2 qt/lb)

mash-out : 76 *C (169 *F)

This is a fairly thin mash, but the water/girst ratio use is fairly standard in German brewing practice.


Add hops after 10 min boil and boil for another 60 min. Chill to pitching temperature of 8 *C (46 *F).

Primary fermentation

Ferment at 8 - 9 *C (46 - 48 *F) until the attenuation is within 2-4 % of the limit of attenuation (fast ferment test) or the fermentation appears to be complete.


Lager at 0 - 3 *C (32 - 38 *F) for 4 - 8 weeks

You can also find this recipe on Brewer's Friend - Schwarzbier